Concatenating audio files

version 2.13.0~

Concatenating files

Concatenate multiple audio files to create one audio file

There are several methods for connecting audio files, each with its own characteristics.

  • Simple concatenation
  • Concatenation with fade-in and fade-out
  • Crossfading


This feature is only available once every 24 hours

In-app purchase is required to remove the restriction

* You can use it once by browsing the video advertisement.

Screen Description

Tap Consolidation in the menu.

Add audio file to concatenate


The audio file selection screen is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Select two or more files you want to concatenate.

Change the order of connection

To change the connection order, tap “Edit” in the upper right.

You can change the order of files and delete them after changing to edit mode.

Select concatenation method

Three types of concatenation methods

Simple concatenation

Both Fade / Cross fade are OFF

There is no special processing for concatenation songs. Simple concatenation method


Fade is ON

Fade out and fade in at the concatenation part of the song

The length of fade-in / fade-out can be changed with “Fade duration”

Cross fade

Cross fade is ON

The song currently playing at the song connection starts to fade out, and the next song starts to fade in

The length of fade-in / fade-out can be changed with “Cross fade duration”

Perform concatenation

Tap to perform file concatenation

Enter the name of the file to be created

When progress reaches 100%, conversion and saving are complete

Since it is added to the list of files, play it and check if it is in your desired shape