Edit Audio File

version 2.11.0~

What you can do with editing audio files

  • Crop audio file
  • Stereo and monaural changes
  • Noise cancellation
  • Change volume
  • Changing the bit rate and sample rate



This feature is only available once every 24 hours.
To cancel the restriction, in-app purchase is required.



Tap the audio file and tap “Edit” when the menu is displayed


Editing screen



Select the slider to use when cutting out part of the audio file and the range you want to cut out


Button for fine adjustment of the cropping range and playback button for playing back the selected range

[Icon name = “plus-circle” prefix = “fas”] [icon name = “minus-circle” prefix = “fas”] on the left adjusts the start point, [icon name = “plus-circle” prefix = “fas”] [icon name = “minus-circle” prefix = “fas”]



You can switch between mono and stereo


Noise cancellation

Removes noise from audio files.



Adjust the volume



You can change the bit rate

Switch between 64, 128, 256, 320 per tap



You can change the sample rate

Switch between 16000, 32000, 44100, 48000 per tap



Conversion is performed in the set state.

After the conversion is complete, a preview window will open

Tap the play button to confirm that editing is possible, and tap “Save” to save.



The file name is newly saved with a file name such as “-1” in the original file name.

In case of “sample.mp3”, it will be “sample-1.mp3”.

If “sample-1.mp3” already exists, the number given at the end will increase like “sample-2.mp3”